PADG 2019

PADG 2019 - 3rd International Workshop on Policy-based Autonomic Data Governance


In conjunction with the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (IEEE Big Data 2019)

 December 9-12, 2019, Los Angeles, CA, USA



Introduction to the Workshop


The proliferation of IoT devices has led to the production of large volumes of data that can be used to characterize and potentially optimize real world processes. At the same time, the influence of edge computing is leading to more distributed architectures incorporating more autonomous elements. The flow of information is critical in such environments, but the real time, distributed nature of the system components complicates the mechanisms for managing operations and protecting and controlling access to data.

In distributed collections of autonomous devices, security and privacy mechanisms must take a data-centric approach to make certain that data is protected as it travels within the system. This would include: data access governance, providing mechanisms to manage data access permissions and identify sensitive data; consent/data subject rights management, enforcing privacy over shared data and allowing organizations to search, identify, segment, and amend sensitive data as necessary; and, providing platforms that help operationalize privacy processes and practices.

One promising direction for the management of complex distributed environments is to make the major elements of the system self-describing and self-managing. This would lead to an architecture where policy mechanisms are tightly coupled with the system elements. In such integrated architectures, we need to create new models for information assurance. For example, policies can capture information on how data must be processed in different components of the system, providing a new model for traceability of information, and allowing better provenance on information flows. Policies can also control data collection, transfer and use across different components of the system. It is also critical that data governance mechanisms be scalable and reliable.

In this workshop, we aim to focus primarily on policy-based mechanisms for data governance in distributed systems. The first PADG workshop was held in conjunction with IEEE Big Data 2017 and we will continue this association in 2019. PADG 2019 will consider original and unpublished research articles that propose bold steps towards addressing the challenges of data management and security in multi-site, interconnected processing environments that include autonomous systems. We solicit high-quality original research papers and significant work-in-progress papers.



Research topics included in the workshop


Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Policy Mechanisms for Collaborative Systems
  • Architectures for Autonomic Computing and Cyber-infrastructures
  • Policy Learning, Transfer and Explanation
  • Analytics for Edge Computing Systems
  • Management of Data Security, Privacy and Trust in Autonomous Systems
  • Autonomic Generation and Evolution of Security Policies
  • Modelling and Analysis of Policy Interactions
  • Models and Mechanisms for Safety, Security and Privacy of Cyber-physical Systems
  • Strategies and Algorithms for Security Impact Analysis


Important Dates


Submission deadline:           Oct 1, 2019

Author Notification:             Nov 1, 2019

Camera ready due:                Nov 15, 2019

Workshops:                          Dec 9 -12, 2019


Program Co-Chairs


Seraphin B. Calo         IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, NY, USA

Elisa Bertino               Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA

Dinesh C. Verma        IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, NY, USA



Program Committee Members