Original DAIS ITA "vision paper"

Prior to the start of the DAIS ITA research program in September 2016 a paper outlining the overall context for the programme and setting the vision for Distributed Analytics and information Science was written by Tien Pham, Greg Cirincione and Ananthram Swami from Army Research Laboratory (ARL), and Gavin Pearson and Christopher Williams from Dstl.  Details of this eponymous paper are shown below.  The full paper can be found here, and it is not included in the DAIS ITA Science Library because it pre-dates the DAIS programme and is therefore not a "DAIS publication" in terms of outputs created by the this community.

T. Pham, G. Cirincione, A. Swami, G. Pearson and C. Williams, "Distributed analytics and information science," 2015 18th International Conference on Information Fusion (Fusion), Washington, DC, 2015, pp. 245-252.

To address future coalition operations in congested, cluttered, contested, connected and constrained battlespace, the US Army Research Laboratory and the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory are developing a new research program on Distributed Analytics and Information Science International Technology Alliance. In this paper, we present an overview the two interrelated Technical Areas which when jointly studied will advance the theoretical foundations of distributed analytics and information science in the context of coalition operations. These areas are (1) Dynamic, Secure Coalition Information Infrastructures and (2) Coalition Distributed Analytics and Situational Understanding.

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