DAIS 2017 - Workshop on Distributed Analytics InfraStructure and Algorithms for Multi-Organization Federations

Venue: DAIS 2017 will be part of IEEE Smart World Congress 2017.

As the processing power and storage capacity of client-side devices increases, the Smart World of tomorrow will leverage and benefit from this wide-spread pervasive computational capacity that is available. The computational capacity, however, is usually spread across many different organizations and administrative domains.  In many domains, new research activities which explore how the resources across multiple federated systems can be leveraged have started to emerge. These domains include the field of Smarter Cities, Smarter Internet of Things, Smarter HealthCare, public safety,  military coalition systems, and enterprise business alliances . Another set of domains include environments where sensors belong to many different organizations with split administrative domains, e.g. in home Internet of Things environments, devices like Smart Thermostats may be controlled partially by the equipment manufacturer, cable modem and entertainment systems be controlled by the Internet service Provider, the smart car have partial control from manufacturer and insurance companies, while other devices be controlled by the home owner. In the new Smart World of tomorrow, multi-organization federations are going to be the norm rather than the exception.

In such distributed environments,  new approaches for leveraging the power of distributed processing systems are needed. In many of these environments, bandwidth may be limited and connectivity be disrupted and intermittent. At the same time, the different intelligent devices need to work together with each other to perform distributed analytics, including pattern extraction, machine learning and situational awareness leveraging the collective processing capacity of all the devices. Policy and Security mechanisms need to be supported in order to mitigate against actions taken by organizations in the federation that may not be fully trusted.

Distributed analytics requires rethinking of the infrastructure as well as algorithms that are used for processing data. In this workshop, we will bring together the researchers from different countries who are conducting research in the area of distributed analytics. The goal of the workshop is to bring together reserachers active in this area and facilitate exchange of information among them.

Topics of interest to the workshop include but are not limited to:

  • Applying paradigms like Software Defined Networking across multiple organizations
  • Distributed edge computing across multiple organizations
  • Fog Computing across multiple organizations
  • Agile code architectures for analytics in multi organization federations
  • Human-Agent collaborations in multi organization federations
  • Cultural, Ethical and Legal issues in multi organization federations
  • Distributed machine learning across organizational boundaries
  • Situational Awareness in multi-organization federations
  • Self Organization of Services in multi-organization federations


The final Agenda can be viewed at the following link:


Organizing Committee:

  • Ananthram Swami, Army Research Labs, U.S.A.
  • Christopher Williams, Defense Science Technology Laboratories, UK
  • Dinesh Verma, IBM Research, U.S.A.
  • Gavin Pearson, Defense Science Technology Laboratories, UK
  • Tien Pham, Army Research Laboratories, U.S.A.